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for Eating & Mood Disorders,
and Trauma

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Our Vision and Philosophy

It is our goal to respond to all women’s needs by acknowledging the struggles associated with her problem.

Connect people with the right Treatment for them

Our vision is straightforward to explain: we want to provide help and thought out answers to help people. We want them to grow into emotionally strong and responsible women. We know that women need to make changes in their lives and we are here to help.

Health advice & Client resources

We want our center to be well-known when it comes to the treatment of women. We provide specialized care and services to women. All our programs are evidence-based, and the treatment and we love providing educational resources and help for women.

Teach and Support

For us, we believe in the value of personal strength and health over all else. That is what we aim to teach overall and support when it comes to women to help them come back to who they are meant to be. We know that choosing treatment in a time of stress can feel complicated.


We’ve worked with some great health experts. We think you
should join our center in your quest for recovery.

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About Us

Female Treatment Center for Eating & Mood Disorders, and Trauma

There are not enough treatment centers out there specialized for women, and we pride ourselves in the fact that we know that. We seek to meet this niche for those women suffering from inadequate care.

Many women suffer from eating disorders, and they are often overlooked. Eating disorders can have extremely negative impacts and are not something to be scoffed at. People look at them like its women just being dramatic when it isn’t.

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Ready for recovery?

Contact us and get the right treatment for eating and mood disorders with the help of our proven and reliable treatment strategies.



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