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Female Treatment Center for Eating & Mood
Disorders, and Trauma

There are not enough treatment centers out there
specialized for women, and we pride ourselves in the fact that we know that. We
seek to meet this niche for those women suffering from inadequate care.

Many women suffer from eating disorders, and they are
often overlooked. Eating disorders can have extremely negative impacts and are
not something to be scoffed at. People look at them like its women just being
dramatic when it isn’t.

Mood disorders can take over someone’s life and make
it impossible to live. This is why treatment is so necessary, especially when
it comes to women who don’t always receive proper treatment.

Trauma is another thing women go through that need
respectful and caring treatment.

At our center, we are focused on care for women by
women. We aim to help women and get them back on their feet and back into their
day to day life.


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  • 10919 S Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85042, USA
  • +1 602-273-6953
  • info@barbecuewood.com

Contact us and get the right treatment for eating and mood disorders with the help of our proven and reliable treatment strategies.